About SCORE.

SCORE, "Counselors to America's Small Businesses" is a national nonprofit association founded in 1964 dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide. SCORE provides free expert problem-solving assistance for existing and emerging small businesses and is a resource partner of the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration).

Helping American small businesses to grow and prosper is the goal of SCORE. SCORE has over 400 counseling locations throughout the United States and its territories, with 12,500 volunteers nationwide. Local chapters provide free counseling and low-cost workshops in their communities. 
Active and retired executives and business professionals donate their time and expertise as business counselors.


SCORE Counseling Activity Nationwide

  • We have assisted more than 8 million entrepreneurs since1964.
  • Our volunteers donated 1.2 million hours to the small business community.
  • SCORE counselors conducted more than 300,000 counseling sessions.
  • We've conducted more than 100,000 online counseling cases via the SCORE Web site.
  • More then 7,000 workshops were conducted nationwide

Highlights from a recent Gallup Poll survey of SCORE clients:

  • SCORE clients started a total of 68,452 new businesses in 2009.
  • At least 90% of SCORE’s “In Business” clients (those already in business in 2009) remained in business in 2010.
  • SCORE clients created 30,603 jobs in 2009.
  • Based on SCORE’s current national appropriation of $7M from the Small Business Administration, the cost of SCORE to help create one business is $102 and the cost to help create a job is $229.
  • Businesses mentored by SCORE grossed $38 billion in 2009 revenue, with an average of $314,000 per business and a median revenue of $16,000.
  • These same businesses project their 2010 growth to a cumulative revenue of $53 billion with a median revenue growing to $55,000.
  • For every “federal” dollar appropriated to SCORE, SCORE clients paid $107.48 on average in federal taxes.
  • Estimated taxes paid by SCORE clients: $752,400,000.