SCORE can help you create your dream.

SCORE is a free advisory service offered to small business. If you have a new business idea, have just started your new venture, or have an established business, we can help. SCORE is a team of seasoned business professionals who have decided to “give back” to the community by offering their experience, expertise and skills free to people who need help.

For people with a new business idea:
-Get feedback on your idea, guidance for setting up your business, creating a business plan, creating a marketing plan, ideas on funding, input on tax planning, marketing and sales consulting, and more.
For people who have just launched their new business:
-Talk to experienced managers and entrepreneurs to get help in building your business, handling cash flow issues, funding for growth, personnel conflict issues, hiring and firing, sales and marketing, accounting, tax and more.

For people with established businesses:
-Get help in cash flow planning and management, turnarounds, inventory planning, staffing issues, growth and equipment financing, and more.
SCORE Counselors come from all walks of business. They are professionals with such backgrounds and experience in sales, marketing, taxes, personnel, the internet, business turnarounds, manufacturing, engineering, legal, business computing, licensing, not-for-profit, quality control, finance, restaurants, administration and a lot more. Call us to see if we have a counselor that fits your needs. SCORE counselors are matched according to experience with client needs and provide one-to-one counseling.

Get counseling in person or online. 
Get help online from a SCORE councilor. Just go to the SCORE web site and click on the link. You’ll be able to get in touch with a specialist who can assist you over the internet. Again, it’s free, it’s effective and it’s confidential.

Click here to contact a counselor.