The SCORE Team

Eric Solomon
President and Counselor

Marvin Moskowitz
Vice President
and Counselor

Sheldon Zelizer
Vice President
and Counselor

John Grant
and Counselor

Alex Plonsky
and Counselor

Marianne Grant
Assistant Treasurer
and Counselor
William Abramson (Tax, Legal Service)
David Andrews (Start-ups, Marketing, Turnarounds, Internet Business)
Virginia Barden (Computers, Administration)

Fred Backhaus (Accounting, Budgets, Business Plans, Computers, Legal Service)
Thomas Beckert (Banking, Finance)
Stuart Buchan (Manufacturing, Quality Assurance)
Lewis Boyd (Business Plans, Financial Planning, Consulting, Business Services)
Dorris Dabney (Real Estate, Accounting, Computers)
John Grant (Engineering, Business Plans, Computers)
Marianne Grant (Banking)
Albert Karnath (Management, Consulting, Finance)
David Kingsland (Product Development, Project Management, Manufacturing, Research)
Todd Li (Patent Attorney)
Robert Malkin (Marketing, Start-ups)
Natalie Margolis (Education, Administration, Business Plans, Business Services)
Marvin Moskowitz (Marketing, International Trade, Advertising, Import/Export)
Stan Nitzky (Architecture, Sales, Marketing)
Alex Plonsky (Computers, Marketing, Systems)
Sam Portuese (Construction)
Raymond Rizzo (Food, Restaurants, Administration, Franchising, Personal Supply Service, Production Management)
Carla Smith (Not-for-profits, Management, Fund raising)
Eric Solomon (Administration, Marketing, Sales, Budgeting)
Stanton Tremper (Automobile, Advertising, Administration, Business Services)
Sheldon Zelizer (Accounting, Software, Administration, Consulting, Business Serivces)