The SCORE Ulster team have updated our web site and added a lot of new functions. Here's a quick summary:
a. The Blog. Members of out team will be posting blogs that are intended to help our clients keep in touch with what's happening in the small business arena, and to provide a platform for our counselors to express their personal views on specific topics.
b. The Forum. The forum is where we post new ideas and resources, and our clients and others can ask questions, provide feedback, rant (when necessary), make suggestions and generally interact.
c. Sponsor Slider. You'll see a new tab to the left of the pages on the site that when clicked, tells about our wonderful sponsoring organizations that make the extra services we offer possible. Click again and you'll see their web sites. Please try to use the services of our sponsors whenever possible.
d. Donations and Sponsorship. We've make it possible for our clients and sponsors to make small donations whenever they can. We are a volunteer organization and none of our counselors or management team take any income from SCORE. Each year the Small Business Administration provides us with a very small stipend to help with out of pocket expenses, but that's it. We rely on our sponsorships and donations to fill the gap and pay for seminars, workshops and everything else we offer.
e. Schedule. If you want to visit the SCORE office you are always welcome. However, we're only open on certain days and at certain hours. Check our schedule to see when the office is open and who has office duty. Workshops and other events are also posted on the schedule.
The SCORE Ulster Team.