Here's some really good books to read to help keep up with what's happening in marketing and technology:

This is a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of internet marketing. It's well written and therefore easy to read and absorb. At the back of the book the authors have provided a checklist that I find very useful. Can't recommend it enough!
Authors: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah
Publisher: Wiley 
ISBN: 978-0-470-49931-3
Cover price: $24.95 (Hard cover)

A book that describes the "Freemium" selling strategy that we see more and more online. Basically, Freemium describes an initial, low level service offering that's free, with upgrading options that cost a small amount. It's been used for many years, but is increasing in popularity. It might make sense for your company, so take a look at this book.
Author: Chris Anderson
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 978-1-4013-2290-8
Cover price: $26.99 (Hard cover)

Chris Anderson describes a new phenomenon that has evolved over the last few years, as retail selling increasingly moves from brick-and-mortar shops to online. It used to be that 80% of retail sales dollars in products such as books, were generated by 20% of book titles. Amazon and other online sellers are experiencing that this mix has changed dramatically, and the resulting change may have impact on a wide range of industries. A book worth reading and implementing.
Author: Chris Anderson
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 978-1-4013-0966-4
Cover price: $15.95 (Soft cover)

Another book that talks about a new phenomenon that is spreading fast; the "after sale" or Collaborative Consumption market of goods that we see on ebay, Craigs List and a slew of other sites. The second chapter is a little depressing (to say the least) as it deals with the ecological mess we now find ourselves in, but the discussion and ideas are refreshing and practical. It's a book for entrepreneurs who are looking for a new business idea that is fairly simple and low cost. Worth a read.
Authors: Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 978-0-470-196354-4
Cover price: $24.95 (Hard cover)

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